Energy and environment

Exploration technology

High-resolution seismic data combined with advanced computational analysis enable ExxonMobil to make the most informed exploration, development and production decisions.

Sophisticated modeling capabilities

The search for hydrocarbons

Sound has been an integral part of oil and gas exploration for the last five decades. In the process of seismic mapping, sound wave reflections are used to form three dimensional images of geologic formations. The energy industry uses these 3-D images to help determine where to drill, reducing the number of wells needed to produce oil and gas resources.

For years, only a fraction of sound waves were considered usable as computer processing techniques could not yet handle the complexity. Today, our proprietary and patented algorithms, coupled with investments in supercomputers, accomplish the massive computational task of analyzing all seismic data to create a picture of the subsurface in richer detail.

Sound wave visualization through the years
Photo — With full wavefield inversion technology it is possible to see and dissect the very subtle physical properties of rocks and more accurately locate oil and gas reservoirs.

Sound and the preservation of marine life

ExxonMobil takes numerous precautionary measures in all its seismic operations to minimize impacts on marine life.
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